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SoftWave Treats Acute and Chronic Pain

SoftWave Therapy in Tulsa OK is a non-invasive therapy device that produces shockwaves using a unique, ground-breaking technique. It has never-before-seen benefits for both sports and medicine. Chronic pain is quickly relieved, and recovery times are considerably accelerated with long-lasting effects. This is a transformative adjustment that is unique and gentle!

Benefits of SoftWave in Tulsa OK

SoftWave uses patented technology to reach an injured area at the cellular level to successfully turn on the body’s natural healing process.

This ingenious device:

  • Increases blood supply
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Stimulates and activates resident stem cells
  • Repairs, remodels and regenerates tissue
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Induces antibacterial effect
  • Reduces acute and chronic pain


  • Back Pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Jumpers Knee
  • Stress fractures
  • Foot ulcer pain
  • and so much more
Chiropractic Tulsa OK SoftWave On Elbow


SoftWave’s OrthoGold 100  is an advanced shock wave device using electrohydraulic spark gap technology. Its patented design features a parabolic reflector applicator that produces highly effective, low-intensity unfocused shock waves. The applicator spreads energy to a large area of both superficial and deep tissue soliciting a biological response to initiate the body’s natural healing process.

What to expect

The procedure averages 10-15 minutes but may be longer depending on the treatment area and diagnosis. A gel is applied to the surface area to be treated. The applicator produces pulses as the clinician moves around the treatment area. During therapy, communication with the provider is necessary to identify treatment areas and monitor progress.

Advanced technology helps more patients by successfully turning on the body’s natural healing process.

  • Non-invasive
  • No anesthesia or numbing creams needed
  • No side effects
  • Same-day procedure
  • Long lasting

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